Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The return!

Well I am back and am going to give this blog malarkey another go!

This have been busy at Indigo Towers this last year with the jewellery side of things gradually building up until they are now runnign at a pretty good pace. Selling through has certainly given my sales a much needed boost. I also finally bite the bullet and have my new own website up and running - well I say running asd I have only had a chance to put a few items up right now but fillign it full of yummy jewels is top if my to do list. You can take a look at the new site here . I think I am managing to do an ok job seeing as I am a massive technophobe but I am using an e-shop builder which is helping MASSIVELY!

As I mentioned the jewellery business is goign well and I have been inundated with orders for my new charm bracelets which I hope you will agree are rather pretty...

In other news I have some interesting things coming up this weekend - first I am of to a half day make-up course which my friends bought me for my birthday and then Sunday I am off to Secret Cinema - which is all cloaked in mystery but I promise to reveal somethign about it all on Monday...

Monday, 20 July 2009

Brand Alley

Well the weekend is over dammit and so all the play is done, time to get that nose back to the grindstone but before you do take a look a this excellent discount site.

Every day or so new brands are offered at significantly discounted prices and you have a few days to catch a bargain! I went wild in the aisles this morning for Pop and Pixi cosmetics as I needed some new and portable makeup for my upcoming holiday and these lovely little sets just seemed to fit the bill at an incredible price.
Pixi Lip Pallette - £5.00
Pop Cheek Cake - £4.60
Pixi eyeshadow pallette - £7.50
I was a good girl (read fool!) by resisting the heavily marked down Marc by Marc Jacobs cute mouse flats that I just could not justify before my holiday!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Flats - £79

Friday, 17 July 2009

Blue John Mine

This weekend we are off to sunny Manchester to visit my mother-in-law. We are taking the Virgin Train up from Euston and heading straight to a place call Blue John Mine. My husband suggested we all take a trip there as he knows my passion for gemstones and minerals. The Blue John Mine is set in the Peak District and is a series of caverns formed in limestone strata. We will get to see the how the Blue John is formed and mined.

"Blue John is Britains rarest mineral first discovered at Castleton by the Romans almost 2000 years ago. And are the worlds only known deposits of this extremely rare and beautiful stone."


Thursday, 19 February 2009

A wonderful sister!

So my lovely sister's surprise was taking me to see the most excellent musical Wicked! I had an amazing time - we went for dinner first and she had also roped in my friend Rebecca who was there to meet us at the restaurant.
I would urge everyone to go and see Wicked - the story of what went on pre-Dorothy in the Land of Oz. The songs are brilliant and the cast are just perfect - see the synopsis and some pics below.

Based on the acclaimed novel by Gregory Maguire WICKED tells the incredible untold story of an unlikely but profound friendship between two girls who first meet as sorcery students. Their extraordinary adventures in Oz will ultimately see them fulfil their destinies as Glinda The Good and the Wicked Witch of the West.
Experience this unforgettable, award-winning musical and discover that you’ve not been told the whole story about the land of Oz…

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Surprise, Surprise

My sister has turned all Cilla Black on me and has arranged something special for me tonight but shhhhhh it is all a big secret! She is picking me up from t'orrifice at 6pm sharp but I have no idea where we are off to! A magical mystery tour - how thrilling!

I will reveal all (not in that way!) tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

MISI - Make it Sell it

Have just joined this fabulous new site and wanted to share it! It is a site to find loads of home grown Brits making handmade goods - jewellery, knits, pottery, papercrafts etc - you name it. There is some mighty big talent on there and as all prices are in £ it takes a bit of the pain of conversion out for all you current Etsy shoppers.

Check it out - it the current climate it really makes sense to buy handmade as you know you are going to get a competitive price for a really thoughtful and unique item.